Service Aggregation

Do you have a complex IT environment with a variety of suppliers providing different services? Wouldn’t you have more control over your management processes with a single view of everyone’s performance?
Do you spend too much of your valuable resources managing the management of your various suppliers?
  • Different Service Level Agreements
  • Different Commercial Agreements
  • Different positions on the Product Life Cycle
Datec is uniquely positioned in Fiji and the South Pacific to provide Unified Services Management. We have been operating for longer than any other IT supplier and we are the only Fiji based organization with audited ISO9001:2015 certification. That means our internal systems and processes are highly developed, robust and deliver.
Our USM team will give you management and oversight of all IT services. Added to which our experience will deliver greater maturity to the processes.
  • A single point of contact via the Unified Services Manager who is accountable for day-to-day performance of all suppliers
  • Improved relationships between suppliers by creating a framework that provides transparency, clarity and supports a collegial approach
  • Formalised documentation of all service management processes including roles and responsibilities for all suppliers
  • An industry-aligned toolset that can be integrated with other systems
  • A single view of operational performance across all suppliers measuring key areas, providing the ability to manage performance day-to-day, rather than looking back at the end of the month
  • A proven track record in providing service aggregation, allowing us to continually tune and develop

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