OmniScan: A bulk Scanning Tool

Need for Enterprise Scanning Software

Content and information management have become strategic imperatives for businesses across the globe. Information critical to an enterprise can exist in myriad forms such as paper, folders, documents, hand-written notes or in electronic formats such as emails, MS-Office documents and so on.

Business Managers understand that the first step towards driving flawless content and information management is to ensure that content flowing into the enterprise irrespective of the format is captured and provided a structured existence.

OmniScan – Scan, Digitize & Deliver
OmniScan as an advanced document imaging software solution accelerates business processes by capturing data and delivering it to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP. It supplements enterprise wide digitization and automation needs offering excellent integrations with legacy systems. OmniScan dovetails well with SAP and SharePoint.

Key Features of OmniScan:
  • Easy Integration with leading Industry Applications (SAP & SharePoint)
  • Distributed Document Scanning Support
  • Intuitive User Interface and Experience
  • Zonal Highlights for Information Capture
  • Automatic Document Quality Analyser
  • Intelligent OCR Extraction
  • Complex Scanning and Image Compression
  • Off-time Scheduler
  • Simplified Re-scanning
  • Secured Authentication
  Key Benefits of OmniScan:
  • Facilitates Better Compliance
  • Time and Cost Benefit through High Speed Scanning
  • Makes Paperless Businesses Possible
  • Improves Accuracy
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