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Information is shared across the world in mere seconds with the click of a mouse or press of a button. It’s no longer a safety measure but a responsibility for an organization to protect its people, facilities and intellectual property from being compromised on a global scale.
Building a protected virtual or physical environment starts at the first point of contact: secure identification.
We are as reseller and authorized service provider for Datacard Secure ID card solutions.
The most popular model in Fiji is the CD 800 printer. It is a great fit for a variety of applications, including local governments, corporate or educational applications.  
It helps maximize productivity and increase ID card issuance efficiency with the industry-leading features of the Datacard® CD800™ card printer.
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CD 800 printers includes lite edition of IDCenter software:


Datacard offers card printers and card issuance solutions for a variety of ID cards and financial cards.
Create dynamic credentials without sacrificing print speed and easy operation.
Enterprise-class ID solutions from Datacard Group seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and operate at peak performance levels, cutting production time and hassle out of your already demanding schedule.
Personalized IDs grant cardholders access to protected areas and networks while reducing the risk of fraud with durable, highly secure topcoats and laminates.
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For over 40 years, Datacard Group has continually advanced the science of security and durability to deliver card issuance breakthroughs that matter to you.
Datacards latest desktop card issuance systems are the culmination of years of proven innovation and deep insight into our customers’ escalating security and durability challenges.

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