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Software Asset Management

Know your software license status anywhere, any time.

Know your software license status anywhere, any time.
No one enjoys keeping track of software and licensing. As a result, very few organisations do -- but they should. The latest Gartner statistics show 65 per cent of organisations were audited by a software vendor in the last year. datec can minimise audit risks and relieve your staff from tedious and time-consuming licensing tasks by managing software assets for your organisation.
We offer you a convenient approach to managing software assets, including:   
  • Managing software assets and hardware assets together to free your staff to focus on large-ticket goals. 
  • Complete accountability of all your software, and if you choose, hardware assets that minimises the likelihood of audit failures. If you're ever audited, we can produce a full report detailing everything an auditor will ask for.
  • Complete insight into your available assets, and friendly, expert advice on the best way to leverage them.
  • Robust reporting as part of managing software assets to provide insight for decision-making that allows you to compete more effectively.
  • 24/7 access to the status of licenses and automatic notifications when expirations draw close, as we can procure and manage licensing on your behalf.
Want more information about managing software assets? Provide us with your contact details and a local Datec representative will be in contact soon.
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