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Software Licensing

Local Datec experts maximise software licensing for your organisation.

Are you spending money on software you don’t need or paying extra for training, support and other services? Datec can handle the heavy lifting involved in your software licensing program, procuring, designing and helping you manage your agreement to boost cost savings and licensing efficiency. We work with a variety of software partners and offer flexible software licensing agreements to help your organisation stay agile as your software needs grow.
How can we maximise the software we have? Are there options to simplify our license procurement? Are there licensing options that support virtualised environments? Sure you have questions about licensing – it’s a tricky subject. And having the wrong licensing arrangement can mean your organisation is:
  • Spending too much money on licensing you don’t need 
  • Losing out on licensing flexibility if you want your software in the cloud 
  • Experiencing non-compliance because you don’t have enough or the proper licenses
  • Paying extra for training, support and other services
What if you had someone to do all the heavy lifting on your licensing agreement? You can let Datec’s local, experienced experts work on your behalf to save you time and money and give you more licensing flexibility With Datec’s licensing services, your organisation gets:
  • Local licensing experts with extensive knowledge of Microsoft licensing. We’re a certified Microsoft Volume Licensing and Large Account Reseller with licensing experts in every state. We also have strong partnerships with other leading software vendors. 
  • Software TLC: After we provision your software licences, we’ll do ongoing software license reviews to ensure you are maximising your software license investment.
  • Information on how to license software in the cloud – both private and public – now and in the future so you can stay flexible without being penalised for the on-premise software you are acquiring today. 
  • Additional managed services. We do more than just licensing: Our professional services team can review your entire IT environment and make cost-savings recommendations. Through our licensing managed service, we can oversee software patches, version upgrades and vendor maintenance. We offer flexible contracts, pricing models and SLAs for ongoing service agreements, allowing your business to stay agile.
Datec does licensing for the following software vendors:
  • Microsoft
  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • Symantec
  • Trend Micro
  • Adobe
  • Quest
  • Appsense
  • McAfee



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