Business Continuity


Business Continuity

Business continuity is just as important in an isolated Pacific Island Country as it is in a first world country. Only it’s harder to deliver.
The best company in Fiji to deliver business continuity solutions is a local one that understands all disruptions that occur, but one that uses first world methodologies such as ISO 9001:2008. This combination means that every eventuality will be taken into account and accommodated.
Work with Datec to make sure you have the resiliency built into your IT systems so that when disruptions occur, and they will, you are prepared.
The process involves the following stages:

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – BIA has a twofold purpose. Firstly, to determine which business process or function is critical to the organisation in the event of a disruption. Secondly to determine how long the business can survive without the said process/function based on the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD)

Risk Management Process – risk is defined as the effect of uncertainty on
objectives.  Management involves the overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and  risk evaluation

Initial Response Plan (IRP) – Specify who the primary contact people in the event of a disruption to each business function or process identified in the BIA

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – This is the plan to be used in the event of a disruption to respond to the disruption, safeguard the vital business functions and plan to return to business-as-usual

Crisis Management Process – In the event of a crisis, there is a management structure based on a command and control approach