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Network Architecture & Design

Our Network Architecture and Design services can help you build a reliable, cost effective, and future-proof network to meet any need. We'll work with you to design and engineer, procure, implement or integrate an existing architecture into a complete network and system solution. So you can spend less time worrying about how to build your network and focus instead on the possibilities it will create for your organization.

Methodologies and Tools

We have the experience, knowledge, and skills required to support your network architecture and design needs. Our unique approach includes:

  • Network architecture. We'll work with you to develop an overall network and operations architecture based on your business objectives. We consider network components, functions, interfaces, data, management and control, and relationships to create a technical plan. By assessing network technologies and finding solutions for network and operations security gaps, we'll help you reduce project risks and costs. The result is a future-proof architecture that evolves and scales as your needs change.

  • Network design. We'll identify network elements, sizes, capabilities and locations, and analyze the initial configurations of the network elements and components for any gaps. Focusing on switching and routing, access, signaling and control, performance and reliability, security, physical design and transport, we incorporate all important elements of design. As a result, you'll achieve an optimized network deployment that is highly reliable and resilient.

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