WiFi Services

WiFi makes life so easy for your staff. They arrive in the office with their phones, tablets and laptops and instantly they are on your network and the internet.
This freedom generates its share of headaches and requires that your WiFi is backed by an intelligent strategy and implementation.
WiFi brings together two opposites: Freedom to connect to your network and the integrity of your network and data.
Datec have designed and implemented many wireless networks across Fiji. In many instances we have integrated mobile devices and personal lap tops successfully and securely to the network. At the same time we have kept your data secure.
Datec WiFi Services
  • Implementation of next-gen WiFi
  • WiFi design and architecture
  • BYOD and MDM (Mobile Device Management) strategy
  • Operation and management of production environments
  • Security for WiFi and BYOD environments
  • WiFi as a replacement for edge or floor switching
  • Guest and free access to WiFi for public internet
  • Wireless site surveys and readiness assessments, including voice and video over WiFi
  • Indoor, outdoor and industrial environment deployments

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