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Storage Management

Anyone remember the days of twin floppies with a 512kb each? How the world has changed? Analysts predict there will be a 4,300% increase in data by 2020. Much of it will be unstructured data.
How is your organisation going to cope? You need to make sure your own data storage is set up to turn this challenge into a business opportunity.
It is not just about storing the data. You need to be able to use the data. It needs to be built to maximize performance and analysis. You need to be able to query the data and get the answers your business needs. It also needs to be resilient and secure.
Datec manages some of the biggest data stores in Fiji. It has the experience of designing and building storage systems. Our storage systems are built today but designed for tomorrow.
The Datec Storage Advantage
  • Data availability and systems resilience
  • Support for data management on structured data (databases) as well as unstructured data (email, weblogs, web-clicks)
  • Data analysis and guidance on big data technologies to support business intelligence as well as data warehousing
  • Data replication to improve disaster recovery and business continuity capability
  • Fixed-price contracts per storage array to support growing and scalable environments
  • Data reporting tools such as file assessments to report on capacity utilisation to assist with informed business decisions

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